OEM & ForecastX SDK

ForecastX SDK is the sophisticated statistical forecasting software behind John Galt's world-recognized products: ForecastX Wizard, Atlas Planning Suite’s Demand Management Engine and Planning Portal modules. The ForecastX SDK is available in an ActiveX control with cross platform libraries. The ForecastX SDK is COM-based and it gives developers the ability to add detailed sales forecasting and statistical analysis to any application. Many companies have already integrated the SDK into their data warehouses and are actively using its exception finder technology.

Add the ForecastX SDK to your current applications, client-server environment, Microsoft Office, or web-based applications and be forecasting in minutes. The ForecastX SDK was created by developers for developers to provide an accurate, fast, and easy to implement business and sales forecasting solution.

The ForecastX SDK was ranked most accurate in several categories, including quarterly and annual data, in the M3 accuracy competition conducted by INSEAD University.

ForecastX SDK Benefits

  • Performs more than 50,000 forecasts per minute
  • Includes more than 25 forecasting models and 40 statistical methods
  • Runs in both NT and UNIX environment
  • Comes with complete written documentation
  • Advanced Promotion and Event Modeling
  • Memory management for large batch forecasting processes
  • Easy Deployment - ForecastX SDK is under 600K and can be deployed on the client or server
  • Procast™ automatically optimizes the forecast and selects the most accurate forecasting technique
  • Extensive audit trail for detailed error analysis
  • Complete array of outlier and missing values removal and replacement routines

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