Implementation Services

John Galt is committed to making every customer a success story. John Galt software is designed to be implemented in less than 90 days, and our implementation team will be with you every step of the way. Our Forecast Xperts can help your company analyze existing business processes and provide recommendations to enhance operations. We can even configure our solutions to fit your specialized needs. Your team will leverage our expertise including:
  • Defining project requirements
  • Building a project roadmap and timeline
  • Providing system configuration
  • Product Training
  • Implementation Support
  • Establishing key performance measurements

Every day we help clients find the best starting point and then teach them how to grow as needed from the ForecastX Wizard to the Atlas Planning Suite. Our Walk, Drive, Fly methodology provides a systematic process that helps our customers continually grow and assess their business via a series of measured steps. This methodology focuses on achieving ROI from day one through a series of well-defined and measurable milestones captured in planning templates, providing a smooth upgrade path through our forecasting software.

A Sustainable Solution

John Galt’s staff is committed to ensuring that when the implementation is done, your team can take ownership of the software with full confidence. That’s why we involve your team at every stage of the process. Our implementation team will lead you through the system configuration and pilot program so that your staff understands the solution inside and out. We also use your business knowledge to align the solution with your objectives and achieve maximum value from your purchase.

Support and Enhance Your System

To ensure our customers have a successful implementation and are rewarded with quick ROI, John Galt offers pre and post-implementation support. John Galt employs the best supply chain consultants and makes them available to our customers to ensure the business and technical requirements are completed. In addition to the implementation, John Galt’s team will help configure your system with extended services. With these options, your company can benefit from a precisely tailored system that brings out the best in the software and your process.
  • Advanced configuration & customization
  • Report building
At John Galt, we’re proud to help our customers surpass their competitors by creating a more efficient consumer-driven supply chain. Contact us today to see a demo and learn more.