Customer Co-Development

An R&D Roadmap Based on Customer Needs

As your supply chain planning process matures you need a partner that will grow with you. Our agile R&D approach allows us to build and deploy new features quickly to support your growing multi-enterprise network. We understand that our clients are experts in their industries, so we happily work with our customer base to harness that knowledge and apply it to our ever-growing implementation templates.

Through co-developed engagements, our customers propose improvements to the Atlas Suite that will better automate demand, supply, and distribution planning. Such improvements enable our customers to use their insight in solving new problems for their business instead of solving the same problem repeatedly.

Project Enhancements

Occasionally our services team encounters a customer requirement that can fill a long-term need for our customer base.  Rather than develop a custom solution limited to that client, our services and development team work together to bring that feature to the product at no charge.

Customer-Specific Development

The Atlas Planning Suite is designed to solve a broad range of planning challenges with minimal configuration and without costly custom development. On rare occasions, select customers will request industry-specific or organization-specific development projects, which John Galt accommodates for the benefit of that customer.