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Live Webinar on Thursday September 19th @ 11am CT

The Right Stuff:

"You can only reduce inventory when you improve capability"


John Galt Solutions teams up with authors Catherine Milner and Geoff Relph to bring you a free supply chain webinar.

John Galt Solutions invites you to listen to our informational webinar hosted by the authors of The Inventory Toolkit - Business Systems Solutions, Catherine Milner and Geoff Relph. Hosted 'podcast' style with supporting slides, they will discuss supply chain and S&OP by offering a set of practical tools for managing, controlling and balancing inventory to achieve targets - all based on their highly successful book


About the authors:

Geoff Relph

Dr. Geoff Relph's experience in inventory and business systems management includes operational, consulting and academic roles spanning 40 years. He gained his initial 'hands on' experience in MRP operations and inventory management over 20 years with IBM. Geoff has worked since 2002 as an inventory expert in operational, consulting and training roles for companies both large and small and has led a wide range of projects that have improved supply and demand performance. Geoff completed his Doctorate in Inventory Management in Business Systems in 2006. He is an associate lecturer at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, and delivers modules for the MSc Programme both in the UK and internationally.

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Catherine Milner

Catherine Milner is a chartered engineer and has nearly 20 years' experience working in aerospace, petrochemicals and telecommunications. She has project managed many successful projects on electronic data exchange with customers, forecasting, MRP, supply chain management, and business process re-engineering. She is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Warwick and Chairman of the Institute of Operations Management.

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