Business Forecasting 6th Edition

Business Forecasting with Excel-based ForecastX Wizard software is a book about forecasting methods for managers, for forecasting practitioners, and for students who will one day be business professionals who have a need to understand practical issues related to forecasting. Our emphasis is on authentic learning of the forecasting methods that practicing forecasters have found most useful.


  1. Introduction to Business Forecasting
  2. The Forecast Process, Data Considerations, and Model Selection
  3. Moving Averages and Exponential Smoothing
  4. Introduction to Forecasting with Regression Methods
  5. Forecasting with Multiple Regression
  6. Time-Series Decomposition
  7. ARIMA (Box-Jenkins) – Type Forecasting Methods
  8. Combining Forecast Results
  9. Forecast Implementation

The sixth edition of Business Forecasting with Excel-based ForecastX Wizard Software builds on the success of the first three editions. This book is currently in use at over 60 Universities. To ensure customers start walking down the right path to identify and define appropriate forecasting processes, Business Forecasting 6th Edition is sold with accompanying ForecastX Wizard Software. This combination of book and software is ideal for practitioners and students who want to know how business forecasting is really done.