Sales & Operations Planning

A firm foundation for S&OP Success

You may already be convinced that a healthy S&OP process will ensure your business achieves its full potential. But do you have in place the advanced technology needed for this process to take root and grow? Our Atlas Planning Suite comprises a complete supply chain planning software platform to help your company’s S&OP process mature. Atlas allows you to integrate demand and supply planning, communicate across multiple stakeholders and departments, extend your visibility throughout your entire supply chain, execute your plan with maximum efficiency, and ultimately optimize profitability for your entire business.

How to Advance Your S&OP Process With Atlas

  • Help establish a consistent S&OP process through systematic process templates
  • Break down departmental silos by providing a single data model supporting all planning perspectives, from operational to executive
  • Manage and visualize all necessary planning data at any level of detail
  • Enable easy collaborative planning through an intuitive, deep interface
  • Align demand and supply by balancing operational constraints and strategic objectives
  • Optimize inventory across multiple sites and echelons of the supply chain
  • Enable enterprises to configure industry-specific, specialized logic to automate the decision-making process
  • Build advanced analytics and KPIs to measure the performance of your plan across demand and supply
  • Scale to processes of any size and complexity
  • Offer powerful real-time integration to and from third party systems, including ERP, CRM, legacy systems, Excel, and more

For more information on how to build a sustainable S&OP process, please view our recorded webinar by S&OP Coach Bob Stahl.