Supply Chain Consulting

Whether you need an expedited solution or one that involves careful evaluation of unique business challenges, our consultants bring real-life supply chain planning experience to your project. 

Here are some real-life challenges we have worked on with our customers:

  • Handling obsolete projects
  • Modeling new products
  • Planning events and promotions
  • Balancing resource capacity
  • Building inventory policies
  • Managing unexpected demand
  • Optimizing safety stock
  • Balancing inventory across multi-echelon network
  • Gaining visibility across all your businesses
  • Building what-if scenarios
  • Integrating external data

S&OP Boot Camp Service

True sales & operations planning is as elusive as it is powerful, and requires careful practice and guidance. S&OP Boot Camp runs your team through a complete mock S&OP process, from the start of the demand plan through supply constraints, gap analysis, and executive decisions. With this process established, your team will be able to tie demand and supply to strategic objectives, achieving the ultimate in flexibility and competitiveness.
  • Audit demand planning process for efficiency and best practices
  • Identify supply-side challenges and strategies
  • Build S&OP process and support documentation
  • Coach team during mock S&OP process to remove inefficiencies
  • Identify key performance indicators to measure long-term success
At the end of S&OP Boot Camp, your team will have a clearly defined, repeatable process for conducting a monthly S&OP process. You will be in a position to extend this process out to your customers and suppliers, giving your company a key advantage in the marketplace. In order to succeed, full S&OP processes must be built on solid demand and supply plans. John Galt offers consulting services to help you lay this essential foundation: Demand Planning Consulting - Establish a firm foundation for demand-driven S&OP Forecastability Analysis – develop policies that focus teams and improve bottom line John Galt is here as your long term S&OP partner. Contact us to learn more about our services.