Supply Chain Training

Universities from around the globe have turned to John Galt Solutions for more than a decade when looking for the latest knowledge in advanced analytics and supply chain planning techniques. John Galt is proud to be considered the go-to source for the latest industry knowledge, and we are happy to extend this knowledge to our partners and customers as well.

Our supply chain coaches are available to cover the entire spectrum of forecasting and planning knowledge and give your team the necessary tools and resources to establish a sustainable planning process. Take advantage of our expertise and gain a key advantage in the marketplace.

For Professionals

As a supply chain professional, you need to know what factors drive demand for your products, how to use statistical methods as effectively as possible, and how to build a process that includes business knowledge. A professional education session from John Galt gives you all this knowledge but more importantly, we offer the experience needed to make actionable plans tailored to your company.

We understand that no two planning challenges are the same, and that shows in our approach to supply chain training. Our starting point is a series of public demand & supply planning training sessions that cover the core knowledge every planner should know. From here we offer a customized on-location or remote training program to address your unique planning challenges. These tailored sessions ensure that your team gets the direct attention they need to apply lessons in a practical way within your particular business.

For Partners

Just as no two planning challenges are the same, no two software implementations are the same. John Galt works directly with our partners to train them on our products and help them understand the full capabilities of our technology. We also dedicate time to understand the unique value proposition each partner provides to their industry. This makes our partnerships mutually beneficial relationships that enrich our products and services just as our technology enriches our partners' offerings. Learn more about partnering with John Galt Solutions.

For Students

John Galt is proud to support the next generation of planning professionals with extensive online sales forecasting educational resources and educational software. Every year thousands of students gain access to the ForecastX Student Edition and accompanying guides, sample data sets, and online tutorials including video demonstrations by top faculty. University students and beginning professionals alike find a solid foundation in the authoritative text, Forecasting and Predictive Analytics 7th Edition with ForecastX by Barry Keating and J. Holton Wilson. All of these resources are accessible to independent learners and they are backed by John Galt's support & customer service teams.