Forecasting in the Pandemic with ForecastX  
Webinar recorded March 20th, 2020.

Listen to John Galt Solutions and Dr. Barry Keating of the University of Notre Dame discuss how you and your business can use ForecastX to prepare for seismic shifts and update your forecasting and planning processes to compete in a rapidly changing world. Additional topics include:

  1. Using event modeling and multiple regression to capture the impact of unusual events
  2. Using downstream data to understand early indicators of market shocks
  3. Nowcasting with Google searches and other demand sensing data to identify very near-term changes


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The COVID-19 virus is here and affecting everyone’s supply chain, and we want you to know that John Galt is here to help with these new supply chain challenges. Setup a free one-hour discussion on your current challenges.

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary one-hour discussion on your current challenges – we will help you get through this difficult time. Some ways John Galt may be able to help you get through the day include (among others):

  1. We can review your current inventory position and identify strategies for lean running and reduced costs while maintaining customer service.

  2. We can conduct a health check of your existing process and find opportunities to reduce planning time, freeing you up to respond to unexpected issues and disruptions and keep inventory under control.

  3. We can help reduce transportation costs by finding cost-effective transportation lanes and ensuring your orders fill shipping containers.

  4. Help find and negotiate the best rates with suppliers and transportation providers, to reduce supply chain costs further.

  5. Our Xpert supply chain consultants can take on some of your daily planning tasks, such as reviewing key issues and exceptions, creating agendas for planning meetings, and conducting follow-ups with key partners.

  6. Advice on working from home – John Galt’s team are Xperts in this!

  7. Our team will be able to support your requests.

In addition to these possibilities, we will work with you to figure out a solution to any of your unique challenges.

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