Supply Chain Planning Webinars

Upcoming Online Presentations

  • March 13, 1pm CDT - Solving Tough Problems with ForecastX
  • March 22, 1pm CDT - Integrating Atlas with SalesForce
  • April 26, 10am CDT - Supply Chain Risk Management
  • April 26, 11am CDT - US Regional Atlas User Conferences Recap
  • May 16, 1pm CDT - An Introduction to the Atlas Planning Suite

Integrating Atlas with SalesForce

March 22, 2018. 1pm US Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

Speaker: Brian Begeman, R&D Leader

While many software vendors claim to work with SalesForce, few integrate flawlessly with the popular CRM package. The Atlas Planning Suite is fully integrated and accessible from within the SalesForce application and there is no need for tedious data exports or jumping back and forth between multiple software programs. This native integration helps our customers achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, reliability, and quality.

In this 30-minute webinar, R&D Leader Brian Begeman will demonstrate the benefits of the SalesForce integration and show you how it works in practice. Some of the areas that will be covered during the presentation include:

  • Accessing the Planning Portal from within SalesForce
  • Configuring settings to align with your planning process
  • Technical requirements and upgrade path
  • Click-through demo with examples
  • Q&A

Supply Chain Risk Management 

April 26, 2018. 10am US Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

Speaker: Prof. John Manners-Bell

Join John Galt Solutions and returning guest expert Prof. John Manners-Bell as we discuss supply chain risk management in a conversational webcast. Hear about how planners and managers can prepare for disruptions due to environmental, economic, societal, and other factors. The discussion will include historical examples and detail from Prof. Manners-Bell's recent book, Supply Chain Risk Management, published by Kogan Page.

We will also discuss supply chain technology that can withstand disruptions and how the right tools & process can help organizations recover quickly once disruption has occurred. Join us live and send in your questions and examples.

US Regional Atlas User Conferences Recap

April 26, 2018. 11am US Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

Throughout the winter and into spring, John Galt visited customer locations across the USA. Customers from many industries engaged in group discussions facilitated by our staff. In the end, attendees generated new insights and suggestions on the following topics:

  • The Current State of S&OP
  • How to Benefit from Scenario Analysis
  • Atlas R&D Roadmap

Join us for a review of the major takeaways from events in California, Illinois, Texas, and North Carolina. This webinar is intended for current John Galt customers.

Solving Tough Problems with ForecastX 

March 13, 2018. 1pm US Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

Though most of your forecasting needs can be covered by the simple and effective features in ForecastX, often there is a need to go off the beaten path to continue to improve. In this session, you will learn how current customers were able to solve their unique planning challenges with ForecastX.

Senior supply chain consultant Paul Mackie will be moderating this webinar and offer valuable insights into some uncommon techniques to extend your use of ForecastX beyond simple demand management. This session will help you transform your current process into a powerhouse, and prepare your team for any planning challenge that you may be presented with.

An Introduction to the Atlas Planning Suite

May 16, 2018. 1pm US Central Daylight Time (UTC -5)

Is your business considering software tools to facilitate an end-to-end supply chain planning process? Join our senior business consultant Paul Mackie for a complete overview of the capabilities of the Atlas Planning Suite from John Galt Solutions. Topics will include:

  • Demand Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Advanced Scheduling

Discover how the modular nature of Atlas allows businesses to tailor the tool to solve specific business needs while minimizing implementation time and setup costs.